Nick Evens tragically lost his life in the UN Plane crash in Kosovo. Nick was returning to continue work with the Tearfund Evangelical Relief Agency, as a member of the disaster response team. The team was working in Kosovo with those affected by the recent war.

nick_evensNick accomplished a terrific amount into his short life. For some years he was a sports instructor and joint service mountain leader in 59 Independant Squadron and Royal Marine Commandos, then helped design and set up the Aston Community Youth Project in Birmingham. Years later he joined the West Midlands Fire Service where he was seconded to the Princes Trust. He remained actively involved with the youth project as a volunteer and set up the first expedition to Uganda in 1998.

His Christian vision, dedication and sheer hard work to plan and lead a group of 17 young people to Uganda whose lives have been deeply touched through the youth was instrumental.

Nick was a man who loved the outdoors and had immense courage, strength, faith and action, who shared Christ’s love through his way of living.

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