Whether you are a single person, school, youth project or church, by getting involved you can really make a difference. Rejuvenate Wordwide needs people like you to transform the lives of young people around the world.

Become an ambassador for RJW

Can you raise awareness for children in poverty and a voice for their cause? We are looking for several ambassadors to GO, DO, GIVE. We will train you in giving presentations about our work, both internationally and nationally to schools, churches, business and youth centres. Can you represent Rejuvenates work on a global scale, network with other agencies, create opportunities for Rejuvenate to speak and give presentations. Can you develop and grow the support base for Rejuvenate and the work in Africa and the UK.

If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us regarding ‘Rejuvenate Ambassador’ on: info@rejuvenateworldwide.org.uk

Volunteer with RJW

Are you passionate to see justice done, fed up with young people being told they are worthless and only out for themselves? Do you want to be part of the change and change others? Want to experience working in partnership with organisations in Africa? We would love to hear from you. RJW runs solely on the support of its volunteers, we are always looking for committed people to help in a variety of ways. Can you help in any of the following: member of management committee, trustee, expedition leader, administrative support, on the road volunteer?


By supporting Rejuvenate Worldwide your school could impact the lives of thousands of young people in the communities where we work. By linking your schools to those in Uganda, your school will gain an insight into the daily struggles facing many children.

SchoolSchools are in desperate need of our support. Children love to learn and are desperate for a proper classroom with text books, desks and even toilets, something we all take for granted in the UK. By supporting Rejuvenate Worldwide your school could sponsor these schools and help provide the children with permanent classrooms, toilets and desks giving them hope for a brighter future.

In 2010 the process of building Kisabasi Village School started. If you are a school that can support the on-going work in Uganda please contact us.


Rejuvenate Worldwide is currently linked to a number of churches who provide immense support through donations and prayer, without this support much of our work would simply not happen. If you’re a church that can support us through prayer, visits, volunteering or by funding a project, the difference you could make is life changing. Just £100 could pay for a teacher to teach for a whole year!

If so, please contact us.

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  • About Rejuvenate Worldwide…

    (RJW) is a non-demoninational Christian charity working in the UK, Africa (Uganda) and other countries. Our vision is to give young people the opportunities to reach out to other across the world less fortunate than themselves.

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