Salem Brotherhood, Uganda

Rejuvenate Worldwide has been working in partnership with Salem Brotherhood, Uganda for over ten years. Rejuvenate funded the construction of the Operating Theatre now in full swing in Salem, Uganda, as well as on-going support for children and youth programmes. Additional to this, RJW have continued to provide assistance for the construction of other buildings, sponsorship of children, medical provision and educational materials.

Wake Up School, Uganda

Rejuvenate has also been working in partnership with Wake Up particularly with children and youth in the villages. Many of these children are from the Mountain region of Mt Elgon and have very little access to education, social and recreational activities. Wake Up & RJW aim to change that, we have been providing assistance and set up programmes to combat the issues of poverty and low self esteem, more recently the plans to construct a school in the village were submitted and agreed, and we are fundraising now!

Friends of Rejvuenate Worldwide

Worth Unlimited

The Salvation Army – UK

Aston Churches Working Together

The Parish of Aston & Nechells

Wake Up Ministries – Uganda

St Cyprians Church

Broadway Secondary School

Manor Park Primary School

Salem International (Uganda)

I Can Do Youth Project – West Midlands

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