In partnership with Worth Unlimited, we are running a Social Enterprise Academy programme.  This is a 60 hour OCN accredited programme, evidenced by an online portfolio for each participant, which will equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to establish their own community based enterprise.  This will include  the recruitment and training of local young volunteers to provide intergenerational community activities in Aston.  These activities will be in the form of pop up cafes, where local residents can learn new skills whilst building relationships with young volunteers.  These events will happen monthly, at various community locations across Aston, such as the Youth Pod in Witton, Witton Community Centre, Aston Salvation Army, and Aston Parish Church Centre.   These events are designed to enhance community cohesion and promote dialogue between generations and the different ethnic communities of Aston.

Youth Leadership Programme 2017

Lead, don’t follow… Are you aged between 15-20, regularly volunteering in a youth club or project or want to become a volunteer leader?  How about attending a free 6 week evening programme and an outdoor team building day to enhance and learn new skills in becoming a youth leader. This leadership programme will help young people interested in leading to develop their skills as leaders while working on their personal development.

Delivered by our experience staff, you’ll explore different leadership styles, group dynamics, motivating others, and more. Throughout the free course, you’ll gain hands on experience, new skills and techniques that you will be able to take back to your own projects.  

Course content

• what leadership means
• personal development
• team work
• diversity & cohesion
• tackling poverty & injustice
• management skills
• and a whole load of fun…

Start date: Spring 2017

Music Production starting Spring 2017

Love making music and creating your own style. We will be launching our Music Production programme this spring aimed at young people 11-19 years old. 

Ugandan PenPals

Nothing empowers and educates young people like making connections with each other throughout the world. We have links with over 8 school in Mbale, and Kampala, Uganda. The young children in both Mbale & Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, would love to communicate with other children from different parts of the world. If you are a school, college, youth centre or even church where you have a group of young people who wish to make links with other young people from Africa. Please contact us if you would like to begin a pen pal relationship with any of these Ugandan children.

For more information Email:


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    (RJW) is a non-demoninational Christian charity working in the UK, Africa (Uganda) and other countries. Our vision is to give young people the opportunities to reach out to other across the world less fortunate than themselves.

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